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The certification criteria for a presumed GH artwork

Any Glyn Hughes artwork should co-exist with the rest of the family of GH artworks as those had been imagined and had been created by the artist himself, since the early 50’s. The history of Mr Glyn Hughes is well documented especially with the making of the book/catalogue between 2005 and 2007 that covered all his creative decades and was an essential tool towards his travelling retrospective exhibitions in Wales.

The committee is hereby fully equipped with material and knowledge to be able to examine and decide the true nature 
of any presumed GH artwork.

Any presumed GH artwork will be examined by the GH Organizational committee.

Presumed GH Artworks will be accepted for certification only via the following institutional structures:

  1. Any art gallery that exhibited GH artworks prior to 2014
  2. Any auction house that is working under legal and authorised terms and conditions.
  3. Any individual – organization who owns a presumed GH artwork.

The interested party, to be eligible to apply for the process of certification,  should express interest to cooperate with the GH Organizational committee.

Applications will be accepted in different forms according to the situation. The material provided should be concise and clear. The committee reserves the right to ask for more information as well as the artwork itself for close examination, before making a decision.

Artwork will be expected by the committee to fulfil the following criteria:

The artwork should bear the artistic character of the artist

The artwork’s imagery should be consistent with the artist’s recorded history

The signature should be authenticated according to the artist’s historical calligraphic tendencies as those had been noted in the artist’s recorded history

The date, if available, should correlate with the imagery as that was noted in the artist’s recorded history

Presumed ‘certificates of authenticity ‘presumably issued by the artist himself will be considered, examined and accepted ONLY if the above criteria had been met.

The committee is prepared to examine any material included in the application that may enhance the process of clarification towards the true nature of any presumed GH artwork under consideration.

The committee will either issue or not issue a certificate of authenticity

The decision will be final and will not be negotiable

The committee will publish all the positive results. The committee will reserve the right to keep records of the negative results for future reference.

The committee will issue a result within a week to 30 days of receiving the request and the material

The committee reserves the right not to justify the decision in writing. A notification to the interested party will be sent via email to notify of the decision

In case of a positive response, the certificate of authenticity may be picked up from the central offices of the GH foundation and will cost €40.

Any material submitted will be treated confidentially.

Sotos Florides
Excecutor of the Will of Mr Glyn Hughes


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